The beauty of old wounds

Some years ago, on this day, I booked my first cabin vacation. It was technically Brown County, Indiana, but only technically.

The vacation was overpriced and underwhelming. The hot tub didn’t work. There was a sad pond with a sad paddle boat, and I am sure there were no fish in the pond despite the claims. The cabin was small, but it was our first, and my kid loved it. She loved the loft, the wooden stairs, the antler chandelier, the fireplace.

It was my attempt to shed the extreme, debilitating effect of workplace bullying and threats of termination. This attempt wasn’t very successful, and just seeing this photo of my blank smile brings it all back. The shadow of that unethical, inhumane supervisor, threatening and politicking as I recuperated from cancer treatments, remained like a dagger in my heart throughout the vacation. But I tried.

But I look back with gratitude because that person, who seemed to thrive on toxicity, is no longer in my workplace, nor is her enabler. Age and experience give you the benefit of knowing that nothing lasts forever. Nothing bad lasts forever ولا غالبَ إلا الله

There is no Victor but God.

Photo by Maaida Noor

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