The U.S. Muslim Right and its Christian nationalist path

Some religious Muslims immigrated to the USA and assimilated right into —- U.S. White evangelical Christian nationalism. But because these Muslims follow rituals regularly, they don’t see that they have settled right into the Christian Right’s agendas, frameworks, conspiracy theories. They congratulate themselves on not drinking and dating, and on being “safe,” but they have already surrendered.

This U.S. Muslim Right feels comfortable with their White evangelical counterparts: “We have so much in common! They too are at war with feminism and homosexuality!” In the name of culture wars, they have surrendered centuries of Muslim thought and practice to Christian nationalism.

The Muslim Right have replaced the very different Islamic guidance with the Christian Right’s novel insistence on soul-at-conception. Their loyalty to this notion offers a bonus sense of fitting in to a powerful political machine with religious veneer. They aspire to the power of this machine.

The Muslim Right imagines that if they only prove themselves to be religious (and committed to these wars which are not their own), that the White Christian nationalist machine will embrace them and share its power. Have you guys not learned that YOU WILL NEVER BE WHITE?

You will always be a key enemy of this US Christian nationalist industry, no matter how hard you market yourselves to them and no matter how hard you kiss their asses and demonstrate your authoritarianism. They will destroy you at the first opportunity.


poison in elixir

When I seek joy, there’s always the catch in my throat. The poison in the elixir, the anxiety that this is not for me. I can’t afford it. I will break it. The goblet will break as I lift it to my lips. It’s not for me.

Other people revel in joy, over and over. Not me.