Can I copy this stuff?

• No, you may not copy and paste my material.
• All material here is copyright to me – Shabana Mir. You may NOT copy it and represent it as your own.
• You may also NOT copy and paste it on your website or your term paper with a teeny-tiny link. If you really enjoy something I wrote, please post a LINK on your website. I would love it if you said that I wrote something you liked.
• Please do NOT copy and paste a blog post in its entirety.
• If you really do want to give your readers something to be excited about, please provide a short excerpt. I normally consider a short excerpt to be 20-30% of the post, no more.
• Please don’t copy entire posts with not even the author’s name clearly visible on the post.  It’s close to plagiarism in intent, even if you do have a link somewhere embedded in the text. If a careless reader who doesn’t follow every link on your post might get the mistaken impression that you wrote it, it’s not cricket.
• If you’re using my material for something else in a different medium, print or sound (or video/powerpoint/etc.), please cite clearly, providing the writer and the source.
• If you pick up an idea or a phrase from a writer, and weave your own writing around it, in that event you should cite the author as well. (hint, hint, bloggers).
• This advice will serve you well no matter what you’re quoting/citing. Plagiarism is like stealing and you should avoid it.