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The Gay Damascus Girl Blog-Hoax

In the good old days, charlatans had to perfect a performance. The routine had to be complete with artifacts and props, ointments and sheep-heads. Frauds had to learn how to face their challengers, and respond to them. You would have to look in the eyes of your dupes and earn their conviction.

No longer. Today, frauds and charlatans only need a computer and internet access. Or just a trip to the library to use their computers. Voila. You have a persona. A whole new life. A political cause. You can BE a beloved political and personal cause. Have your face splashed on placards and flyers, your words in the hearts of your supporters – except their your lies. The expense of fraud has gone down so terribly that the miracle today is that there are still plenty of people in the world who tell the truth. People who are true to themselves – somewhat.

The case study of Tom McMaster the Syrian Lesbian demonstrates any number of issues: try the Western fascination with Muslim women’s victimhood; or the gullible eagerness to buy into Middle Eastern brutality and human rights violations; perhaps the ease of easing into new personae; the nature of human connection in this era, the fragile hold on reality – the revision of the very nature of ‘reality.’ I’m supposed to be working on a book manuscript, so I’ll let you continue to develop the list of issues that the Gay Damascus Girl blog-hoax generates.

And you may either continue to reflect on that hoax in the virtual corridor, or you may go back to your own job, family, or online shopping. Enjoy.

Details on the “Syrian Lesbian” here, here and here, thanks to Fatemeh Fakhraie.