Muslim Santa from World Market

My kid has been a little down, and a little bored with all this staying at home, and not seeing any people.

Well, I have too.

Today I went to World Market. Tell you what, since this pandemic started, we do everything together. I haven’t driven in a long while. So it felt good.

Anyway, it was all holiday stuff. So I decided to appropriate with a vengeance. All your holiday stuff iz belong to us!

I came home laden with stuff and announced, ‘Muslim Santa is here! All this stuff has been Islamized. Don’t worry, we are not selling out. I’ve blown Islamic words on it and now we are celebrating the Eid of Hazrat Maryam/Mary because why not her?!’ 🥳 📿

We pulled Eidul GetLostTrump crackers! Last time I did crackers, I was a 6-year old in London.

OK Islamic capitalists, time to come up with some new fun ornaments. Just a quick note: don’t overdo the camels and moons?

No photo description available.

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