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Classes on non-virtual interaction

The rare skills imparted in this series of classes are generally limited to the elderly and the middle-aged born prior to the 1980s. Please note that organizers are not responsible for psychological or physical damage.

Series includes such topics as:

  • What is Non-Facebooking? Addresses such skills as how to close the Facebook browser and keep it that way. For a little while.
  • How Not to Tweet. Tweetdeck can be avoided, and here we show you how. Examples include deleting the Twitter number from your cellphone.
  • The Basics of Non-Virtual People. Here we discusses the biological composition of human beings and what speech entails.
  • Touch, Don’t Poke. Skin can be scary, but you can touch it. This class is an interactive workshop that gradually raises you to the level of a handshake. An advanced series explores the ancient art of hugging.
  • Going Offline Will Not Kill. It does mean you will not get poked or pinged but there are strategies that can help you survive going offline long enough for a quick shower.
  • It’s OK to Get Out of Your Desk Chair. The extreme sport of standing up straight.  
  • Life After Powering Down: Strange But True. We do not deny that it takes an enormous leap of faith but we’d like to share with you the alternative perspectives of those who have returned from the other side to speak of a different form of living after powering down. Touches upon the lost art of multiple Alt-F4s. Therapists and counselors will assist you in facing the fear of the ultimate.
  • Venturing Into The Physical World. Strange things await you when you are no longer chatting, blogging, tweeting, messaging, emailing, or surfing. Some of them may be of interest.
  • The Origins of “Chat.” Exploring little-known Older English meanings of chatting, which, it seems, referred to face-to-face conversation or speaking about trivial matters in person.
  • A BlackBerry is Not A Limb. This active class is only for the physically adventurous, as it involves actual removal of the cellphone from one’s hand, and the de-activation of the texting thumb.
  • There is Sound Beyond Ipods. Another frightening but exhilarating experience, where we assist you in stripping your ears nude in front of a number of persons, some of whom will be speaking. The predictability and control factors of what you hear definitely pale in comparison to the normal (Ipod) mode, but it is a different experience.
  • The Day Email Was Not Checked. Outlook is not the same as breathing, and we will show you how to survive not checking for new emails for the entire duration of two hours.
  • Letters. A historical exploration of a mysterious form of emails, with the use of Paper and Pens. (Materials provided).
  • Intimacy – with Others? (Adults Only). Explores the possibility of intimacy that involves other human beings rather than jpegs.