I’m available for writing and speaking engagements


I’m Associate Professor (Anthropology) and Director, Undergraduate Studies at American Islamic College, Chicago. I have lived, studied, and taught in the US, the UK, and Pakistan.

I am an international public speaker on gender, religion, education, and politics.

Check out my curriculum vitae for details of my work and experience. Pay me to write on immigrants, gender, Islam and Muslims for your website.

Direct Message me on Twitter at @ShabanaMir1 with serious inquiries.

Some of my areas of interest:

  • Islamic thought and practice, especially in terms of gender, historical religious development, and culture
  • Sufism
  • Gender, Muslim women
  • Muslim youth, campus culture, diversity
  • Islamophobia and gendered Islamophobia
  • Islamic/Muslim education
  • Popular culture

Though the physical world is but a contingent reality, I still like getting paid for work. Check out my blog and my nationally award-winning book.

I’ve written many book chapters, journal articles, and online articles. A selection of my online publications: