Burning it down, academic-style

The Times Higher Education tweeted: “If you could ask a v-c [Vice Chancellor] anything what would it be? Tweet us using #VCquestiontime.”

And British academics rose up in a manner beautiful and glorious. Each of these stinging responses is an analytic essay in itself.

@UnseenUniversity “When V-Cs are paid an average £268,103/yr (@timeshighered), a “pay cut” of £100,000 would still leave you grossly overpaid (@Andrew_Adonis) but could put 3 #casualacademics on proper contracts. Would you put securing #HigherEducation before your salary?”

@lwahlgrensmith “How is it possible to run multimillion businesses, charging each user 9k, & tell staff there is no money to cover foreseeable expenses like sick cover so they’ll have to do that for free? And what do you think would happen if you tried to run a small teashop along the same lines?”

@intnlandbroke “How can you justify asking nonEU staff members to pay up to 30% of a year’s salary on visas for themselves and their family, while declaring #WeAreInternational?”

@ProfessorAvi “Why have VCs not defended the values of the University and collectively resisted the march of marketization in the HE sector?”

@VianBakir1 “Do VCs see their staff as: (a) just another interest group that needs to be managed; (b) workers that cannot be trusted and hence must be maximally surveilled across their academic lives; (c) key stakeholders (without which the institution cannot function)”

@UCL_UCU “Which private interests have benefited from your tenure?If you could choose between a) pretty new building housing Office for “Vision” & b) improving salaries/job security of staff, which would you choose? (Rhetorical Q, obs).”
@HullLecturer “Where did you get the idea that low staff morale is the staff’s fault?”

@mcmwright For those VCs who get performance-related bonuses: do you think your basic pay is insufficient incentive to do your best?” 


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