Beyond Vietnam: the struggle here and the war there

Today in my U.S. Government class, we are examining the history of US foreign policy, listening first to Rep. Barbara Lee’s speech, courageously dissenting from the overwhelming consensus to grant George W. Bush a blank cheque for war. Then, we are listening to Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s best but less known speech, “Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence,” where he speaks passionately to the uniting of the peace movement and the struggle for civil rights and against poverty. He was heavily criticized for this stand he took, and the NAACP issued a statement against combining the peace and civil rights movements. 

It was exactly one year later that he was assassinated.

Consider the implications for this courageous stand he took against a lengthy war for the U.S. government’s current lengthy and multi-pronged war “efforts” worldwide. 

For my academic and parent friends, here’s a useful teaching resource, with questions and primary sources (Lesson 3: The Consequences of War).

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