HOW could this happen?

America, meet POTUS:


To save you time, I’ve collected the various reasons that have been advanced for this stunning – no, stupid win:

News media: The news media handed Trump hours of publicity.  For cheap entertainment but also probably more sinister reasons (well, profits). The news media also failed to properly interrogate Trump’s statements whenever the opportunity arose. Their complete impotence in the face of his outbursts and his lack of any coherent policy is largely to blame for this vote.

The Economy, stupid: The failures of the economy mobilized millions of angry and frightened voters.

His hammy  anti-establishment strategy and rhetoric, in the face of widespread disaffection, yielded great dividends.

Elitist government policies that benefit the 1% came to bite the DNC in the rear. What, is that a surprise?


The DNC failed all of us: The DNC screwed up with their choice. The DNC sold Bernie out (thanks for the comment, Aditi!). As Svend White puts it: “The Dem establishment and coopted media actively sabotaged a viable alternative who was scandal-free and who was widely liked and respected even on the Right, and who consistently did better against Trump than HRC surveys. Who knows how Sanders would’ve done, but he definitely did not suffer the “negatives” (whether personality or policy related) often given by Trump supporters against Clinton.”

The GOP sold out and gave Trump the nomination. The GOP is in trouble. Thanks, Reince Priebus.

DNC’s Pied Piper strategy – outlined in the email leaked by WikiLeaks – backfired. Thanks, DNC.



Electoral colleges messed up the popular vote. Again.

James Comey. Where is he anyway?

HRC: Widespread distrust of HRC and dislike of her policies. Clinton framed herself as the anti-Trump, but the evidence did her no favors: she made anti-Black statements and has always been hawkish  and elitist and pro-elite. This is no secret.

America’s anti-women culture: Sexism and misogyny worked for Trump, and he was unashamed to use them.

A “Whitelash” against the Obama presidency:   Samantha Bee puts it well.We used our progressive vote on electing Obama for Hope. Still hoping.

A faith-based movement of White evangelicals: White evangelicals came out in droves in favor of a man who has shown zero interest in faith but is 100% interested in power. The main purpose was to keep supposedly “liberal” HRC out. Clinton, despite her spotty record of policies vis-a-vis women and gays, framed herself as the gender activist, but was unable to do it well enough.

Anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant hate (see example: below) did its magic on Election Day. Untitled.png

Mass political ignorance: Angry voters, frustrated with the economy, came out to vote for the outsider. The outsider played on their fury, and offers them nothing. They think a guy who can say “You’re fired!” will be a straight shooter.

Voter suppression: Voter suppression worked against minority voters, yet again here and here.

The deterioration of culture: Celebrity culture and another reason Reality TV is the devil. The Apprentice gave him 10 years of presenting himself as a tough guy with economic smarts. Keep doing that to people who are in love with the Kardashians and who agonize when Rachel and Ross don’t get married, and they start seeing President Trump firing establishment elites all around them. This gives them a buzz. A buzz is better than no change, right?


What about third party voters? I do not buy the scapegoating argument that third party voters were a main reason Clinton lost. Instead of this rubbish, focus on …


Voter Turnout: This is a perennial problem. Instead of bellyaching about third party voters, maybe establishment Dems could … oh, I don’t know – get people out to vote?


Have I missed anything?



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