Hosting G. Willow Wilson via skype in class!

15027961_1146487348731614_424462283622950826_nThis Thursday, G. Willow Wilson was our guest speaker for World Muslim Literature, and after a dreadful couple of days, what a delight it was to chat with her about themes in “Cairo” and “Ms Marvel.”

It especially warmed my heart to have my daughter join the discussion: on behalf of the feline family, she requested a more central role for cats in the comic. I mean, sure, Pakistani-American Muslim girls are all well and good, but CATS.

A student asked if Kamran, the former “love” interest, was an example of the “bad Muslim dude”; Willow reminded us that Kamran (the secular cool Muslim dude) and Aamir (the religious Muslim guy) actually help subvert the usual good Muslim/bad Muslim binary far too common in popular culture.

14947889_1146487382064944_5429537574233507431_nSome wanted to know if Muslims had objected to representations of Ms Marvel. In the absence of many representations of Muslim Americans in popular culture, it’s pretty common – as Willow explained – for people to want Ms Marvel to be all things *they* want (more modest, more religious, less religious, etc) but overall she’s been a very popular addition to the Marvel universe. I’m eager to pick up the newest comic from the comic bookstore and find out about Laal Khanjeer!

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