What’s wrong with the world

This is what is wrong with the world. (hat-tip to Jasmine).

While millions starve for the simplest meal, while millions worldwide thirst for clean water, while millions go without shelter from the elements, while millions go without safety, education, jobs, and healthcare, there are self-absorbed, warped souls in the world that would spend $1.3million for a cellphone, $1.63million for a purse and $14,000 for a mere tea-bag.

The fact that a person with over a million to spare in pocket change can throw it away on a frivolous item instead of consider the impact it could make on millions of human lives, shows how human hearts and souls can be warped into becoming almost unrecognizable as human hearts and souls.

8 thoughts on “What’s wrong with the world”

  1. Hmm.. at least the cricket ball appears to be a fake story. At the World cup they wouldn’t just honor Indian players separately.

    Especially when those Indian players lost to Bangladesh and went out in the first round haha.

  2. While the items listed sure are gross exaggerations but aren’t we all guilty of being self-absorbed? When we pay $25 for a golf game (which by the way is considered cheap) or shell out $6 for a desert, $4 for a cup of coffee, or $10 for cute sun glasses for our daughter who we know she will get bored with in a few days …

  3. Easy money kills the soul. And most probably, the people who spend lavishly on luxuries, their sources of income are doubtful & usually a result of oppression. A person who earns money through hard work would never waste so much money even if he had the capacity to do so.

  4. I wholeheartedly appreciate this posting. However, the person shelling out $225,000 for a parking spot just may also be shelling out that much for the poor. I am just saying that we don’t know the whole story. It is akin to women buying designer handbags for $800. Sure, they may spend that much on purse, but do we know how much they are spending for the poor? We don’t, so we don’t have a right to judge.

  5. thanks for your comments.

    Actually, to be frank, I think that flagrant overspending on frivolous items like this is quite worthy of being judged. I think the context is important, but, for what it’s worth, I do not think that habitual overspending on such things deserves any understanding.

    I think we are all guilty of self-absorption but habitual self-absorption and habitual over-spending on luxuries is still not acceptable.

    Personally, for what it’s worth, one should always be close to the disadvantaged and the poor so that one does not forget them. When you are always aware of friends, relatives, dear ones who are in great need, it’s not really possible for you to habitually overspend on trifles.

  6. Koonj – agreed. If you have two glasses of milk and give one to a poor person and pour the other one down the drain, it’s still a waste.

  7. I am not sure if a graph helps adding value to this worldview (of how wide and far is the divide between the haves and havesnot?). If you think yes, send me an email I will send you a graph of the food-wastage that happens in this land of the riches.

    Hope you are (besides worrying about email’s not being replied, your post doc, Mss in hand, and dell fuss, also) collecting enough of rice and dal, as is reportedly by most Asians, not just the desiz, even Chinese, and others are…

    In the same graphical tone, I have a graph that maps how frequently (you, me and my other buddies) blog. If this visualizations interests you, send an email.

    Last but not the least is the reason I got to think of your recent accomplishment, Mubaraki on that. Keep guessing on this front. Can’t tell you every thing here; you know this is a chaurasta.

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