Farewell, Yeti (2014-2020)

June 30 2019: “I had a moment where my heart burst into a prayer for Yeti – ‘May Allah bless you with a good life and health’ – and I felt cosmically connected, and I felt him purringly turn toward me and my praying heart.” This was soon after he had stopped eating for some time, and was dangerously weak.

My kitty, Yeti, a long-haired white cat, suddenly died today.

He wasn’t the strongest cat, and had a bout of serious illness earlier this year, during the summer. We had a road trip planned, which we canceled. But at that time he rallied, and went back to normal.

Today, I went downstairs for something. When I re-entered the living room, he was sitting there by the door, watching the door. As I entered, he suddenly got up, fell sideways, gasped a few times. And died within seconds. It was like he waited for me to be there before he died.

Yeti loved to engage with me personally. On this occasion, as I stood by the chair, he jumped up on the edge of the chair, made eye contact, and then offered his head for a kiss.
He did love sitting on paper, bags, placemats …
The night before he died, I found him cuddling with his brother, Ghost. Ghost was resting almost on top of him, unlike their usual snuggle pattern.
he did love to watch over me.

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