My first piano class

At fifty, I just had my first ever music class. Beginner’s piano. Now, when I join Beginner’s Piano, I really understand it to be for Beginners. But when an American music school has beginner’s piano for adults with “little to no experience of piano,” literally everyone except me has experience of piano. People coyly saying, “Oh, I don’t know piano. I just played 4 years when I was 7. I don’t remember anything.” “I played cello, but I don’t know anything now.” Stop it with the coy denials. I literally know nothing, and y’all are crowding my ignorance out.

dheere-dheere-machal.jpgMy knowledge of piano is desi movies where the heroine in a sari flutters her fingers pantomiming piano playing. I’m the girl whose never seen sheet music with any comprehension.

The whole lesson passed before I plucked up the courage to ask “Um. What set of keys should I be working with for this music?” Because it was never identified, and we’re 2 people sharing one piano (because there weren’t enough books). So after a whole lesson I learn the answer is: the center one. 😳

So shut up, people. You are not beginners. You are all Americans who’ve gone through American school with some exposure to music, music education, and access to instruments. I have not. The instrument I had was a CD player.

So where are the real beginners? Can I join the kids’ class where knowledge isn’t being assumed? I sure don’t want to hold up the amateur musicians with my actual beginner questions.

But since it’s not clear, I’m really excited about my first class in FOREVER and my first musical instrument.


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