Running away from academe

It’s no longer unusual to hear of academics who are unemployed, underemployed, and seeking refuge from often exploitative higher education employment. From some of the horror stories I’ve heard, it does sometimes appear that nowadays universities will not give tenure unless arms are duly twisted.

Is a tenured position becoming a mirage? Is getting tenure akin to being a Tribute in the Hunger Games? As long as one Tribute physically survives the struggle by soul-destroying effort, the legitimacy of the Capitol remains?

1 thought on “Running away from academe”

  1. I work in semi-academic environment but I have many friends who worked hard all their life to climb hierarchy of tenure academia. They struggled to publish papers in high impact journals and to become associate professors. They sacrificed lucrative offers for the sake of ‘intellectual pleasures’. They all are now lamenting except for one advantage – kids college fees is paid off in later years.

    I have my own philosophy regarding mirage of tenure ship but it is too offending.

    At the end (right or wrong) money is the bottom line.

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