Lahore nights

When I first traveled abroad as an adult (to Cambridge, U.K.), I was shocked by the nightlife. Not the bars, which I didn’t frequent – by the fact that shopping and restaurants closed so very early! I continue to be disappointed by the early closing of shopping and restaurants – except MacDonald’s and bars/clubs – and continue to miss the nightlife of Lahore.

Last summer, though, the general caused me some serious disappointment when he issued orders for the closing of business at 9pm! 9pm! in the summer months too! No one wants to set foot outside their home until 6pm unless absolutely forced to, and to shut down stores at 9pm must have killed business. I hope that better sense prevails.

Another thing I’d recommend, as Gulberg – especially the Hussain Chowk area and Main Boulevard – continues to become more exciting: expand parking and improve the smooth running of traffic. A visit to Liberty market in the evening can be a nightmare because it takes far too long getting in and out of the area.

6 thoughts on “Lahore nights”

  1. LOL! I know eh, at 6pm, especially in winter time, everything is *dead*. But after having kids, I found it to work out just fine. I now live in a neighbourhood which comes *alive* during summer time. It’s near the waterfront and there’s always some kind of activity going on and to top it all, it’s family/child friendly!!! 😀

  2. take a rickshaw to liberty chowk and walk, no wait then! the advantages of not being able to afford a car 🙂

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