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Mourning Malcolm X again

Here was a man.

Here was a true man, a truthful man, a powerful man, a man of historic strength. And this man was gunned down in cold blood.

This was a death that deserves to be mourned again and again. It is doubtful to me that America has ever been granted a soul as great as this one.

5 thoughts on “Mourning Malcolm X again”

  1. ameen. when i think of what the american muslim community could have been today with this man – not a leader LIKE him, but this man himself – still with us… not even for his leadership, but his example.

  2. Someone told me that America’s exposure to islam on a broad scale started with the NoI and even before that through the Ahmadiyya movement.

  3. Yes, I am not making comment on Vinode’s but certainly the like of him dont come so often to grace this world. Best way to say is the way Iqbal said
    “bahut mushkil say hota hay chaman main deeda wer paida”
    I listened to a lecture by a clergy man just before the release of tht movie (Malcolm X)
    “Malcolm and Martin” (Luther King, that is)
    It was very revealing and the speaker unreservedly favord as a leader, Malcolm. He still touches the life of those African Americans who go through his life history and get inspired to the extent of accepting Islam.
    He was the best antidote to NOI and Alijah
    But that is how Allah SWT works May Allah bless his soul and give him al-Jannah

  4. Ameen. Malcolm X was one of those rare men of any color or any religion who spoke God’s truth, and their like do not come often.

    Ya Haqq!

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