Musa’s getting hired er married

Shu’aib’s daughters meet Musa, and it’s like ONE decent guy has landed in town! One says, “oh Dad, you gotta hire him: he’s honest and uh strong,” and dad is like, ah. I guess there’s gonna be a wedding. So he says to Musa, “Figure I’ll let you marry my daughter then.”

(Quran 28:26)


1 thought on “Musa’s getting hired er married”

  1. At our local masjid, in one of the few times I happened to listen to the imam doing exegesis, the imam was discussing these passages. The horrors of some of the exegesis on this are extensive. I’m not sure why some Muslims think that anything written in “al-turath (our heritage)” or “ummahaat al-kutub (the source books)” is worthy of using in our contemporary religious discourse.

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