I just wanted to make some daal

This is the maash ki daal I was raised with in Lahore – dry and nutty, with roti and a lemon-cilantro onion salad. I feel comfortable and at home with it!


I didn’t know the term “udad dal” as another name for maash ki daal (or maaN di dal) until I shopped at desi stores in the US that carried Indian dal. And then I accidentally bought THIS Udad dal which, to my surprise, is sabut (whole) husked udad, which I didn’t know existed.


So now I have two levels of post-partition udad in my container of maash, and I don’t know how to cook this whole udad. The internet says to make various South Indian dishes, and the Punjabi Kashmiri Pakistani in me says, um, no I am helpless there.


oh but then i discover that pre-split udad, whole unhusked maash is actually black udad and I’m like, it’s like I don’t even know who you are anymore.


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