How about a new series, netflix?

The 11 biggest myths about Israel-Palestine - Vox
2013. SAIF DAHLAH/AFP/Getty Images

I propose a hopeful thriller series: A ragtag group of Palestinian journalists, students, resistance fighters, & children join up to fight Zionist settlers & Occupation forces, preventing them from taking down olive trees, attacking villages, desecrating historic Islamic sites, and demolishing ancestral homes.

The main drama in Season 1 would be the ragtag resistance group protecting the elderly grandfather Abu Ahmar and his West Bank home and flock of sheep. The finale flashes to the US progressive caucus endorsing BDS in the name of Abu Ahmar. By season 2, Israel, is hit hard by global divestment … and you get the idea. It’s local, it’s international, and it’s global, and personal all at the same time.

I promise it’ll be great. It has all the ingredients of success, and you’d be the first to get on it. Imagine the controversy surrounding it. ADL’s clamor alone will turn you into the premier streaming service.

Also: Free Palestine 🇵🇸

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