Lose faith in the elites

People who simp for billionaires and millionaires get my goat.

Ultra elites run the world. For these ultra elites most of us humans-most poor, struggling, desperate, hand-to-mouth, laboring people–are not fully real.

With tools like relentless coverage, capitalism works to personalize the elites & their economic interests, so we are invested in them. We wear their brands and we “love” Kate and William and we are fans of Musk and Zuckerberg. Billionaires like Musk and Zuckerberg (with armies of simps) have “personalities” constructed by PR teams.

Why do people “love” the powerful, when they do not love us back?

Power elites, showbiz celebrities, politicians, royals- they are not like you and me, and they know it. We’re not real to them. These elites do not live our lives, in our buses and trains, in our neighborhoods, on our paychecks. Regular people are not REAL to them. So why would they care about the poor, the hungry, the paycheck to paycheck middle class? People are pictures in a book to them.

They do not rub shoulders with us. They spend their lives in isolation from us, strategizing how to best preserve that distance from regular people.

They aren’t strategizing how to spread the benefits of wealth and power; they are working out how best to preserve their privilege from the hungry masses.

So then what arguments/incentives will persuade the wealthy to pass measures that benefit a population of ghosts? We need to lose faith, en masse in the power and wealth elites. There is no other way.

2 thoughts on “Lose faith in the elites”

  1. Yes why, do ordinary people get enamoured by The Crown, by royalty, by all you mentioned, enabling them to live their lifestyles while the ordinary just watch get titillation and a momentary high feeling of, what if… they could live that way too!

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