Americans and Israel

I’m fascinated by the uniquely American investment in an ignorance of Israeli realities. It’s a decades-old sophisticated mind-fu**, composed of these ideas:

1. A notion that Israel is benevolent, innocent, victimized, modern, and “like us”
2. A notion that Israel’s “opponents” (not targets!) Palestinians are not benevolent, innocent, victimized, modern.
3. An idea that a nuanced view of the “crisis” is to say “it’s nobody’s and everybody’s fault” therefore, let’s put a pin in it.
4. A mistaken impression that we (Americans) know so much about Israel via our cable news mind-fu** that there is nothing new to know. Also, we’re so sick of it that we don’t want to hear another word about it, especially not from the indigenous inhabitants of Palestine whom OUR TAX DOLLARS have helped dispossess, and continually do so, which is why this ethnic cleansing continues on and on and on. And Americans roll their eyes, as if Palestinians have purposefully created their own ethnic cleansing to inconvenience us.

Another important piece of the mind-fu** is liberalism. Let’s just get along! Everyone is the same everywhere! People are nice! People just want to get along! If individuals can get along, nothing else matters! Stop talking about genocide, it just makes everything so serious! Calm down, relax, let’s have a burger together. Or a committee meeting!

From otherwise intelligent Americans I hear, in the same breath, both “well, it’s not my place to speak” as well as “it’s not ethnic cleansing, it’s just a little miscommunication, and ancient hatred.”

It is IMPOSSIBLE to deal with this level of intransigence, while Americans roll their eyes, as if Palestinians have purposefully created their own ethnic cleansing JUST to inconvenience us.

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