Don’t tell us to “raise strong girls.” Raise boys who won’t kill them.


They exhort us to raise strong girls, —but not so much to raise gentle, emotionally healthy, non-harmful- boys.

What, after all, are we raising girls strong for? -incel violence and toxic masculinity?!

Quit burdening girls with everything. I’m so tired of this irresponsible over-emphasis.

What is the point of raising girls to break barriers, to pursue their dreams, to get educated, to re-make the world – when boys think a father’s job is just to “babysit” their children? When they can’t find their way around the kitchen? And men and boys are so “bad at” domestic things you have to do it for them?

Listen, you get your degree, you do your dream project — and you discover that if you want love, personal happiness, family stability, all those things in heteropartriarchy, you have to let success fall through your shaking fingers —

Oh, and you had better not complain about it either, or you’ll be lonely and bitter.

If people keep raising boys the way they do, I understand why some people — not I — teaching girls how to disguise their strength as soft weakness.

Are girls supposed to fix broken boys? violent, filled with toxic masculinity and resentment? That’s part of the the theory behind co-education, right? that girls will help boys become “gentlemen?” Well, my daughter is not your son’s jungle gym. Fix him on your own time.

The raising of strong daughters is out of touch with cultures. You don’t make something that won’t work in its environment. Develop the environment. At least make a serious effort. I don’t see this happening almost at all.

Every celebrity has to do a whole “girls are amazing,” “girls can do anything,” “raise strong girls” campaign. Where are the campaigns to raise humane boys, emotionally intelligent boys? programs to develop boys’ psychological health?

There’s no market for those campaigns is there? There’s a desperate need, but nobody is running them because they don’t win any popularity contests that way.

So stop telling me and my sisters and our daughters to be strong. We were always strong. Fix your boys. Fix your men.

End patriarchy.

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