Pepperidge Farm cake

Oh, about 20+ years ago, I was at a party with a wealthy Pakistani American family. They served a lot of food, and I was a hungry graduate student. A hungry graduate student short of money, and with poor cooking skills.

There was cake.

I sampled it. It was glorious. Amazing. Delicious. I hadn’t eaten much in a bit.

“That cake is outstanding!” I gushed.

“Huh?” The hostess auntie said quizzically. “What cake is she talking about?”

The wealthy auntie’s wealthy daughter shrugged impatiently and made a wry face. “Er – just Pepperidge Farm.” Her face assessed me, clearly evaluated me and my delight over a grocery store cake.

2 thoughts on “Pepperidge Farm cake”

  1. The cake in this picture, looks good … please don’t judge me, ahem, it just remind me of Tesco’s Carrot Cheese and Walnut Chocolate Cakes. 😏

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