An Election Night Prayer

Taif, by Peter Dowley

Today, November 3rd, the day before the U.S. election, I did a collective prayer with my family.

Many have died; far too many more will die if Trump is not removed from power. Allah, save us from this hateful, harmful, narcissistic destroyer of humanity. Grant us safety from him & his followers. Grant us a safe path out of conflict.

I see my family safe by me, and cannot bear to think of hundreds of parents separated from their babies and young children. Thousands unable to feed their children – as the Senate keeps funneling millions to the wealthiest and refuses to grant anything that helps the 99%.

Millions unemployed, losing livelihoods, unable to pay for housing, food, or warmth as winter approaches, with no helping hand, no one but You to call for help. Thousands mourning; thousands unable to care for the sick without healthcare, fearful of losing even the paltry support of the Affordable Healthcare Act.

We can only ask You. We have only You. And You have all power. This moment is a tiny one in the expanse of history. For us, this moment is a heavy one.

Whatever happens, we put our faith in You. I pray to You in the words of Your Beloved Muhammad ﷺ at the trials of Taif.


1 thought on “An Election Night Prayer”

  1. Beautiful and so appropriate prayer baitee Yes I am keeping “: my fingers crossed” Wahaj-ud-Din Ahmad M.D.

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