Picky eater

We went to a fancy Italian restaurant. And I really tried to eat y’all’s food. As we concluded, I stated, briefly, to my White-ish family that – now that I have done slobbery chicken wings and really very bland pizza (I’m also taking credit for a grisly, crustacean dinner the other day), we are officially returning to Normal/Good Food. i.e. Desi and Afghan.

No more accommodations to your strange cultural and culinary practices.

Confession: I am a culinary bigot par excellence, with numerous texture issues. And food allergies! After this meal, I concluded, “I shall eat in jannah one day. It will be good, it will taste good, and it will not attack my system as it goes in.” A girl can dream.

I Had The Most Wonderful Dream - Some Like It Hot GIF - MarilynMonroe IHadTheMostWonderfulDream Dream GIFs

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