Capitalism in your heart

… And deep down, capitalism seeps deep into the texture of our everyday life. We begrudge our families hours and minutes. We charge spouses and children in resentment and guilt. Weekends and holidays are not enough to make up for leisure with our families. A price is paid for every day, every hour of abandon. Even when we are ‘free,’ we are not free of these habits of disconnection. We are not whole. We are not connected. When we connect with others, we are on unpaid leave. 

It is women more than anyone else who pay the price for breaking the rules of capitalism, for prioritizing connection. It is appropriate for women to pay this price, is it not? Since they are naturally oriented to connect. Let them, then, continue to pay the price – these ‘defective’ soldiers of capitalism.

Capitalism isn’t theoretical. It’s intimate & violent. It doesn’t peek in on you sometimes. It’s constant. It’s habit of thought, a stranglehold on hearts, a constriction from which to escape we call for self-care & vacations – temporary fixes & an integral part of the system.

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