Standing at a lakes and dreaming of oceans

It was a beautiful day at Lake Michigan. The sun shone over calm, gentle waves, and we had rare visitors, ducks paddling alongside gulls in the clear water.

As I stood in the shadow of multi-million dollar lakeshore homes, my heart was bursting with prayers that work, health, money, time, responsibilities would just make way for me to fly to go see my ammi and hold her.

I feel more and more strongly about a political movement that invests in global equality and equal distribution of resources and power, so that we can *stay* in the homes we love. So these homes, these lands, these countries, these economies can grow and be hospitable, free of military adventures of great powers, and the plunder of natural resources, and the alliances of great powers with the worst authoritarian powers within our countries. So we can live in dignity like those in ‘first world’ countries, rather than rushing to take our places in this brain drain of the decades. So that we don’t have to be far from our loved ones, and they don’t have to die yearning to see us just once. So we can quit this frantic flying back and forth across oceans burning fossil fuels just so our hearts will be comforted and we can hold our parents once a year or once every few years – maybe just in time, or maybe far too late.

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