Cleansing off the toxic energies

People will tell you to flee negative energies, but most of us are not always able to choose. There are some people whose negative and profoundly toxic influence we are unable to escape.

I’ve often heard people say “Everybody is basically good” and “We are all the same.” I don’t believe this is the case. I have met enough people who are so profoundly psychologically damaged that they are unable to be anything but harmful in their impact. There are plenty of people, also, in the world who are not nasty because they just need to get ahead, but because they are stuck in a cycle of nastiness, and they are addicted to a diet of spite.

You cannot change them.

The best you can do is limit your exposure to them. You can’t completely avoid them, but you should not let their stench become part of your mental energy.

The second thing to do about such people is to not internalize their nastiness. It’s them, not you.

Vindictive people have a nose for damage: if they sense that a spiteful comment, or a judgmental remark will reduce you to grief or to anger, they will repeat it. Again and again. This includes workplace colleagues, by the way. Don’t struggle to defend yourself. If you know you are in the clear, do not take the ball from them. Drop it like a hot potato. This is about their internal damage and their twisted nature. It is not you.

Third, find a way to wash them off you.

Whenever I have to deal with toxic people, I resort to my ablutions: a) nature b) family and c) good friends.

I sit by Lake Michigan and let the beauty, power, and purity of the water wash over me, cleansing my heart of the immediate impact of damaged souls.

I turn to my family and ground myself in the fact that ultimately they are my focus, and anyone else, especially in the workplace, intersects on a temporary basis with my path.

I connect with good friends whom I know to have clear hearts, finding comfort in the fact that I am nestled in a multitude of positive spiritual energies. The few that are negative, toxic, harmful, and destructive need not be dwelt upon.

Don’t stare into the abyss of these hearts. These people are like flies at a picnic: swat them away, and continue with the barbecue. Find your ablutions and cleanse them off yourself.

Reclaim your life. Push the rubbish into a corner and shut the door on it.

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