This is mine. Today.

I am the #1 Best Most Excellent Mother. I am an A-1 teacher and employee.

I clean up other people’s messes and take care of business. I don’t just take care of my own job. I fix the rubbish job that other people do.

I am there when needed. Whatever the state I’m in, whatever my health or energy, or other stuff on my plate, I get the job done.

I am the pinch hitter. When others screw up, I fight and scramble and fix the job. IEPs, here I come. Constant engagement and interface with the teaching staff and the medical industry. Product research. Services. Event organizing and public speaking, I’m here.

I research stuff that needs to be done for hours, I save everyone money and time. I kick ass. Allah akbar. I am the superhero fighting mediocrity, inefficiency, ignorance, and laziness. Over and over.

I get the job done, – and THEN I have to fight to push it through because there are forces in the world that do not like to see jobs completed.

I am many, not one. No wonder I am sometimes tired. I know there are many of you who are just like me.

Give yourself a trophy. Not this one. This is mine.

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