Professors: for your course readings

Buy the book in paperback, hardcover, Kindle, or audiobook 

Getting ready for a podcast interview about this book this morning.

Muslim American Women on Campus – the only book on Muslim American college students, an award-winning ethnographic research study, a twice-award winning book – is widely used in graduate and undergraduate courses. 

It is described as readable, accessible, fun, incisive, informative, and it generates great student discussions. I wrote the dissertation for the usual purposes that we write dissertations. But I wrote this book to make it useful and fun for a very wide readership – and for a wide variety of students and academics in various disciplines. Colleagues in Education, Higher Education, Anthropology, Sociology, Research Methods, Islamic Studies, Gender & Women’s Studies, and American Studies have used this as required reading, and I have had excellent reports on how it went.

Consider Muslim American Women on Campus for your 2019-2020 courses. I may be able to arrange a virtual Q&A with your students, and I promise not to be boring.

And if you want a preview of the book, and you’re busy, try the audiobook during your commute! Not many academic books are available as audiobooks, but this one is.

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