To men celebrating new Congresswomen:

To men celebrating new Congresswomen:
Thank you.
But remember:
Acknowledging your own growth is valuable.
Face your own gendered lives before you throw a parade for women in government.
As a woman, I acknowledge my youth when I accepted and even embraced erasure of women and girls, accepted and even embraced the patriarchy, accepted and embraced the notion that men were superior to women. 
I’m grateful for my growth, reading, thought, experiences, since then, with my sisters’ support.
Shout out to the sisterhood who taught us better.
And shout out to the sister pioneers, the thinkers, the fighters, the Congresswomen, the prayer leaders, when they were demonized, frowned upon, laughed at, ridiculed.
Shout out to them now, when they are honored. But what about before now? Where were you?
Let’s have an acknowledgement parade, where we embrace our growth and show gratitude to those who deserve it.
As for these sisters in Congress:
let’s not merely tokenize them for our own street cred.
Do more.
Show up for tough work.
Show up to disrupt erasure in our community, families, schools.
Change the worship spaces to celebrate your sisters.
Change the educational spaces, the social spaces.
The worship spaces, when they are unequal, are a barb in the soul.
Open up closed avenues of voice and visibility.
Let her deliver the speech,
Make the collective prayer
Be the org’s face.
Give up your podium, your inner circle, your chair, your main hall, your office.
Check your panels.
Check your agendas.
Fix your pronouns.
It’s easy to celebrate victors.
Be there for the struggle. 

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