I feel pretty

In my mind’s eye, I have fringes/bangs. But no matter how many times I ask my stylists’ “honest opinion,” they never give in. In Pakistan as well as in the U.S., the stylists have united against my bangs. They just always say, “Nah, girl, not for you. It is not a flattering look for faces like yours.”

Does that change how I think I’ll look with bangs? No, ma’am.

But I am not a risk-taker. So I never get bangs at the salon. Unconvinced by the stylist, I get my usual 2″ cut with moderate layers, and hold fast in my heart to the image of gorgeous me with bangs.

But for $2.50 or so, I picked up clip-bangs from the pharmacy yesterday. And I DON’T CARE WHAT ANYONE THINKS. I feel glamorous and I just don’t care.

We were watching Rampage when I suddenly appeared before my husband and daughter, and asked, “So what do you think?” From their expressions, you’d think a monster gorilla had appeared before them.

Again, I DON’T CARE.

1 thought on “I feel pretty”

  1. I think you look great in bangs and they actually do suit you. If you hadn’t said those were clip-ins I would have thought they were your own hair; the colour match is amazing! (Full disclosure: I am very pro-bangs, though — have almost never not worn them except for one unfortunate year in grade school when I decided to grow them out and…nope…my forehead’s way too high for banglessness.) They are a lot of hassle, needing trims much more often than the rest of your hair. Your stylist may do bang trims in between cuts for free; all of my stylists have. Or you can learn to do basic bang trims yourself (I’ve gotten better at this over time, but there were some scary early days). Also, depending on whether/how you wear hijab (i.e., if you feel every hair must be concealed), bangs are a nuisance. I don’t care if some hair shows when I put on a head scarf…although other people often have much to say about this. I am sure I needn’t explain more…

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