Stop erasing Hajar from Eid-ul-Adha

makkah.jpgWhen your Eid khateeb talked about #EidAlAdha and #Hajj did they talk about Hajar?

If not, demand they tell the whole story.

Your half-told stories are driving us away. When you erase our mother Hajar (AS), and only speak of Ibraheem (AS) and Ismail (AS), you erase us. When we don’t see us in your khutbahs and your Islamic books, we are driven away by the silences.

I will still keep showing up, but I can’t guarantee my daughter will. Or her children.

So get your act together, for the sake of truth, God, and our children. Push your masjid, khateeb, and imams to tell the whole story.

Read this post by my friend and anthropologist Donna Auston.



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