Trump’s immigration policies are not new: a resource on the history of exclusionary policies

child-0.jpgDoes the separation of migrant families outrage and shock you?

But did the Illegal Immigration Reform & Immigrant Responsibility Act, signed into law by the Democrat Bill Clinton, NOT shock and outrage you?

Did Obama’s record number of deportations of migrants not outrage you?

obamaIs our outrage limited to the boorish Republican violations of migrant, Muslim, and women’s rights?

Are we passionate only in the short-term to get rid of the Republican administration and install a Democratic government that continues the same exclusionary immigration policies – just with a touch of suave entitled elitist Whiteness?

I refuse to join this short-term activism. I will continue to vote my conscience. Let’s refuse to buy into the emotional blackmail of every Democratic campaign (‘What if they get elected!’) Let’s fight for a different political world that rejects exclusionary policies built on white supremacy, capitalism, anti-blackness, ableism, and Islamophobia.

This resource, developed by the Justice for Muslims Collective (follow them!) is a history of exclusionary immigration policies, created and sustained by Republicans and Democrats. Check it out. 

“The Muslim and Refugee Ban is not an aberration. It is the logical next step in a longstanding history of discriminatory immigration policies in the US that have targeted specific groups for exclusion. The express purpose of such policies was to concentrate wealth and power among elites at the very top, through cultivating an entrenched system of white supremacy, buttressed by capitalism and sexism, and shaped by ableism.” – NO ENTRY: The Muslim Ban and A US History of Exclusionary Immigration, from the Justice for Muslims Collective

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