Meeting 1990s Bollywood in the 2010s for the first time

Untitled 2
سوچیں کہ تمہیں پیار کریں کہ نہیں
When you’re looking for some tacky kitsch, 1990s Bollywood will not disappoint. Rishi’s sweaters in Deewana alone will satisfy your appetite. This dance number, for instance … Lord, my eyes 👁 The outfits, the moves, the facial expressions, Rishi’s fondling of his guitar – are all perfectly attuned to a present-day seeker of kitsch. Also, why are the backup dancers inexplicably waving international flags for a love-song? (Pakistan is among the flags. Was there a political thaw at the time, I wonder?) Shahrukh’s manic facial expressions, electric blue suits, and frantic dancing travel much better to the present day with an ironic cast.
In the 1990s, I didn’t watch any movies: I was spiritually de-toxing because I’d decided that لغو (evil/vain talk/material) encompassed popular entertainment. Well, it does, mostly (have you watched Childish Gambino’s This Is America and considered the role of popular entertainment in blocking serious consideration of life and death issues). I mostly lived a nomadic life in bare, no-TV hostels. So by choice and by circumstance, I had a no-crappy-pop-culture period in the 90s.
I should really bring it back. Instead, I am meeting 1990s Bollywood in the 2010s. This is probably not fair to the 1990s.
I first met my Sufi shaikh in the 1990s. So at that time every Bollywood love song I heard in Islamabad in the bus or the street was about the Beloved. And the songs weren’t bad. But watching the actual song videos really is somewhat upsetting. 🤢🤕 

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