Reflections on a proposed Icelandic ban on male circumcision

Here are some excellent (and brief) comments by scholars on the proposed Icelandic ban on male circumcision, with reflections on religious freedom, agency, race, religious belief and practice, immigration, difference, Islam, and Judaism.

30729796_1634271186619892_2824611205291704320_nI look, however, for some additional commentary on the shaping impact of Protestant Christianity on the proposed ban, and I’m not seeing it.

As I argue in Muslim American Women on Campus, in a section titled “Religion Unnamed,” Euro-American secularity thrives on the concealment of historical and deeply embedded Christian notions of religion, belief, and “appropriate” religious practice.

When unnamed, “religion leaks like radiation into cultural spaces” – such spaces as legislation on the bodies of infants born to Muslim parents. Though widely practiced in the United States, for example, circumcision is not a primarily Christian religious practice. Scholars must recognize, name, and correctly label the legislation against a non-Christian practice by legislators of predominantly secularized-Christian background. In such proposed legislation as the circumcision ban, Muslims and Jews become representatives of religion, while the lawmakers who draft the bill become the secular warriors protecting babies from barbarian heathens.Who can fault the humanitarian representative of the religion-free state for saving the individual bodies of infants from their individual parents of a religious background unnamed and unrecognized by the state census?

Secularity becomes a protective veil for cultural Christianity, behind which it operates, against non-Christian bodies, with the power and impunity of invisibility.



1 thought on “Reflections on a proposed Icelandic ban on male circumcision”

  1. See my blog 0f 6/5/11 (New meaning of MGM)
    I also got articles written of MGM (male genital mutilation) and treatment as making up surgical correction of prepuce and advancing all kinds of advantages of prepuce.

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