Life is like cooking frozen okra

30709012_1629598313753846_7891426429810769920_o.jpgLife is funny.
You pour heart, soul, dreams, nostalgia, and homemade tamarind sauce into bhindi masala made from bags of frozen okra.
You fear that the water content of the frozen okra will result in the deadly disease of bad bhindi – gunky strings of blegh. Lais-dar bhindi. This is not gumbo. This is bhindi. It must be sizzling dry. So you work hard to dry it in paper towels before cooking it.
Then you lovingly shepherd it through high-heat frying and low-heat simmer. Your heart quakes as you wonder, “What if they packed overripe okra? And the bhindi ends up in fibrous strings in the mouth? Which is possibly even worse than gunky strings of blegh.”
But you work through the uncertainty and the doubt. Maybe all your effort will be wasted. Maybe you’ll be failed by the material you’re working with.
Such is life. Such are careers. Such is parenting. You have to work through it, and act like everything will work out perfectly.
PS: The bhindi turned out delicious.

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