Homework supervision

Everyday I tell myself I will focus on my writing. Writing that book review. Finishing that article. Everyday there is service and admin work. And everyday – every day – there is homework. I need to decide certain days of the week when, after picking my child up from school, I can satisfy my conscience with B- or C+ parenting, while I get work done. The problem is homework supervision.

For a child who struggles to focus.

Tons of homework. New work. If it’s English or Social Studies, I’m all good. The problem is MATH – the bane of my existence. “I’ve never seen this before” homework. “It shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes” (according to the teacher) homework. (I think they meant per subject). Me watching Khan Academy videos so I can help with homework. Me supervising homework while she sits in the back of my undergrad classroom. Catching up with new material on the weekend.


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