Chicago Muslim 60 – Number 59

I’m not sure I merit this honor, but I’ve been listed as one of the Chicago Muslim Superstars on this blog. Given the numbers of superstars of all kinds, with long service in Chicago, I am actually sure I don’t merit this, but am touched and honored nevertheless.



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1 thought on “Chicago Muslim 60 – Number 59”

  1. Now you may not be expecting that anybody will say something but I need to talk to you baitee. You see I have been waiting who in our generation or next (that is yours) will come out with fiery speeches and (writings to go with) about anything but most needed expressions in favor of Muslims and Islam. The reason is my father Marhoom, your Nanajan. His life was full of such speeches (did not have time to write except occasionally because of political and professional engagements). If you remember I was witness (about 9 years old) to one of his last speeches against th British Raj. It created so much anger against the government thye dispersed to burn the post office etc. etc. and of course he was arrested that night and he spent 2 years in Biritish/Indian jail
    Somebody has to carry that speech power in favor of Islam and freedom and I feel strongly you carry that gene baitee and I am proud of you

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