Eid Greetings to all

14355781_1095719060475110_2534847048236480976_nApparently it’s Eid al-Scooter today. I couldn’t make it to Eid namaz for various reasons and decided to let this one have the kind of holiday she wanted.

On this gorgeous September day on a pretty quiet tree lined street in Chicago, when all the neighborhood children are at school, and we took a day off for Eid – even if it’s not a traditional community Eid – I’m grateful my child can have a real childhood.

On this day, my conscience and friend Najeeba Syeed shared the picture below, via Naveed Iqbal, of14322375_1293173024040785_6072772325920191031_n Syrian children celebrating Eid on an unexploded bomb in Aleppo.

I’m wishing and praying all the children and their families can have such normal, ordinary, calm days to celebrate, free from fear and free from the struggle to survive.

Ameen and Eid Mubarak to all of my living family, on the planet and beyond!

1 thought on “Eid Greetings to all”

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