Abusive practices by senior colleagues

There is much to unpack in this video created by a South African doctor, Yumna Moosa, about her experiences of being sexually harassed and essentially hounded out of the medical career by senior colleagues. Her crime? She did not toe the line of submitting to the abusive behavior of her senior colleagues.
First: Institutional coercion. As a former medical professional who has been hazed out of her profession, she has nothing left to lose. I have been there. There is a “systematic culture of abuse” in many professions. “This is what your seniors went through” and if you complain about it, your bad attitude will get around, and no other senior colleagues will want to hire you. Being a victim at the hands of dysfunctional senior colleagues is a black mark against you. I have had similar experiences in the academic profession, and I have been cautioned – by critical, progressive, Left-oriented colleagues – to remain silent about them. Because you cannot afford to be perceived as a complainer.
An example: one of the accusations against Yumna Moosa was that she was an undesirable employee because she wouldn’t want to have a beer after work. This is precisely what many young Muslim American women worry about, even as undergraduates – that their teetotalism will earn them pariah status at work as well as in informal networks (See Chapter 3 of “Muslim American Women on Campus.”) In American life, this expectation that you will want to have a beer with other adults is pervasive.
Dr. Moosa’s case is a South African one, but the abuse by senior gatekeepers in professions is worldwide. Policies and procedures are in place, but practices are separated from such regulations. Power rules.

1 thought on “Abusive practices by senior colleagues”

  1. you r absolutely right baitee, and I feel no regulations or punishments can make men shareef except khauf-e-Khuda

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