What exactly is Sharia?

A man called “Newt” has decided to sort Americans into groups using the question “Do you believe in Sharia?” 

I’d be happy with the question, except most people asking it don’t know the meaning of the word “Sharia.” So perhaps we could start with the question, “Do you know what Sharia is?”

In order to respond to this question, and yet not to re-hash issues that have already been hashed multiple times by experts before me, I’ve posted some resources below. I’ll continue to update as I find more. Please drop additional resources in the comments. I prefer not to engage in pointless Twitter wars with persons who prefer not to – you know – read. Or think. 

But for those who prefer to, you know, hate, rather than think, read, or understand, I’ve got absolutely nothing.

And about the question of What is Not Sharia:

And on a lighter note, Muslims helped out and made the quiz for Newt:

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