the inhumanity of terrorism, the humanity of grieving

Istanbul. Kabul. Lafole in Somalia. On and on and on.

We grieve, and grieve, and grieve, and grieve, and grieve. The merchants of death seek more, and more, and more, and more. It’s never enough. They will never be sated, and we will never stop grieving. Our hearts are never hardened. Because this is not the way of humanity. We reject this violence, and call with our bursting hearts for an end to the cycle of trading in terror and death. In frustration, anger, and sorrow, we call for a return of the everyday mundane. Because people who are struggling to live difficult lives everywhere in the world must not face violent deaths and destruction wherever they turn. This is not normal. We must never stop being horrified. Never stop grieving.

We’ll do more, in fact. We will grieve, and we will join hands. You cannot break us. 13507065_10154360363993793_1842495926583733939_n

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