Community activism: The endless tussle between criticality and canon

Dear community public opinion leaders, organizers, creators of public space, academics, scholarly king-makers:

If you always feature the same voices & faces, you’ve got a problem.

To challenge an elite inner circle … you’ve created an elite inner circle.

And critical spaces cannot survive & flourish this way.

The dais where the same bodies occupy center stage over and over; when the same – or the same kind of faces – reappear: it isn’t a happening place.

It’s a closed system, endlessly recycling the same resources.

It’s a choir, attending to a choir. Applauding a choir. Applauding each other.

When you never listen to invisible workers, and you never stop listening to celebrity heroes and heroines, dynamic critical thought is dead.

And when celebrity hero worship is the main event of every main event, well, congratulations: another canon is mummified & put on display.

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