Home-Making Education for ALL

Remember Home Economics?

How about Home Economics education for *everyone*? Maybe this will give our daughters’ generation a chance at equal opportunity? As of now domestic chores still fall overwhelmingly to the lot of girls/women, no matter what their professional or other caregiving responsibilities may be – and we can discuss caregiving as well, because why does Mother have to be laundry person, the trash person, the meals person, the nurse, the educator, the soccer-transportation, and so on?

No matter how many feel-good feminist videos and memes we consume, at the end of the day, when home-making – the creation of hospitable, habitable, welcoming spaces, healthy meals, etc. – falls overwhelmingly to females, this of course amounts inexorably to unequal opportunity, unequal work opportunity, unequal promotion (and tenure) opportunity, unequal leisure opportunity.

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