Happy 64th birthday, Pakistan

You’re my family and my cradle. Wherever I go, you’re in my heart. You held me in your arms when I was young, and I grew up to be who I am today. I walked your streets, and I drank from your waters. Your trees shaded me from the hot summer. Some day, I want to bring my child for you to cradle in your bosom and to teach her what you taught me.
Now you’re facing tough times again. You’ve faced them before. Inshaallah, we’ll leave the struggles behind and move ahead. Inshaallah, better times lie ahead. I want to wipe your tears and dress your wounds. I want to see you rise up, glow with your former beauty – no, with a new glory. I am far away, but I am always connected to you, always yearning for you, always praying for you. In being far away, I am in pain forever, divided, and torn. But I am grateful, no matter what, that you are there.
Better days will come. Some day, we will not be fearful, in line at immigration, with green passports. Some day, we will not all be jumping ship, reaching out for foreign lands. Some day, we will stand proud and tall again, ambassadors of peace and love, generous and loving even in our poverty. Some day, we will not be afraid to walk the streets. Some day, our hearts will not break daily at the sight of barefoot children struggling to make a living on the street. Some day, Lord, some day, God, – let that day come soon.

6 thoughts on “Happy 64th birthday, Pakistan”

  1. Beautifully put Koonj! As usual, your way with words is so fulfilling – simple, to the point and all encompassing of our fears, love, hopes, guilt, anger, confusion, prayers and promises for Pakistan. Inshallah, may all that you pray for Pakistan come true and may we be granted the taufeeq to be part of the engine for its success and change.

  2. Amen to that! I came across a (very old, like, 4 years old!) post of yours where you had asked for some Urdu content for kids.

    While I don’t have those, I did come across someone mentioning Cassette Kahani in the comments. I know its super late but if you’re still interested in getting those stories, do tell.

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