The mugger and the social worker

This is the kind of thing that makes you believe in humanity again. Julio Diaz, who treated his mugger and made a true connection with him, reminds me of the Sufis who served and embraced robbers. It’s a whole other mindset from our preoccupation with ‘beating’ everyone else – beating our competitors, our suffocating families, our demanding spouses, cancer, depression … Could there be a less stressful way to navigate life than to be focused on beating everything?

With more people like Julio Diaz, there is hope. With even a few more people like him, we could do better.


4 thoughts on “The mugger and the social worker”

  1. I like the “feeling” of not “beating” things. Our society seems so aggressive. It’s so much more energizing to “flow with” than to “beat”, and just a glimpse at the great canyons shows how powerful flowing water is. Thanks for the story and the images.

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