Victoria’s Secret’s never-ending catalogues

I am so very sick of them. They seem to arrive every few days. Here’s the new winter collection! Hey, and here’s the late winter catalogue. Oh wait, here’s the clearance winter catalog. … In case you forgot, here’s the winter leftovers … and it goes on. The anorexic models continue to exhibit unhappy pouts that make you want to call a hotline for help, and they continue to twist their bodies into angles one would not consider physically possible. And now, there are the new underage-looking models in their grownup-mimicking styles (don’t you just see your tweenage daughter modeling this stuff some day? Perhaps she could practice).

They offer an easy way online to get ON their mailings. Okay, and to “reduce” mailings (I guess, to just under 75). BUT to STOP their mailings, you have to call 1.800.411.5116. And when you call, you waste 10 minutes waiting for the end-catalogues option which DOES NOT HAPPEN. You ask for customer service and the honey-toned voice insists that “I think you asked for Customer Service but I can help you if you just give me a little more information.” So you hope for the best and pronounce your address clearly, whereupon the voice assures you excitedly that in just a few minutes you’ll be able to RECEIVE their prolific mailings (NOT remove them).

So you hiss Customer Service and the voice cannot seem to make out what you are saying and asks you to repeat. Then you eventually get through to a person (of course you have your inevitable wait) …. And congratulations! I have at last gotten off the mailings (Of course they are pre printed so it will take 90 days for me to stop receiving them.)

Meantime if I make the mistake of ordering a single pair of PINK socks from VS, the deluge will resume. Thank goodness it’s not being taken from the Canadian caribou for now – though who knows where else it’s coming from. If you are one of its victims, don’t feel alone: your catalogue is counted among only about 400 million mailings.

10 thoughts on “Victoria’s Secret’s never-ending catalogues”

  1. I have no idea why but I get a quarterly catalogue from a heavy metal/alternative mail order service full of studded belts and t-shirts picturing the most appalling goings on. It’s pretty uni-sex, I suppose, and you definitely couldn’t call the models anorexic. It’s the size of a moderately thick telephone directory and causes no little amusement/embarrassment each time I arrive. But I’m baffled as to how I ended up on their list – maybe I entered a competition or something.

    I’m tempted to joke “Perhaps we should swap subscriptions” but actually, I think I’ve got the better deal.

  2. lol…its a punishment of living in a free corporate world I guess. But I don’t mind victoria’ secret’s catalogue.

    See my new post, it may interest you as it is a woman related issue with pornography…(June 14, 2009)

  3. I’m really very excited to have found your blog. I wasn’t necessarily looking but just happened to come across it. I met you back in Champaign-Urbana in 2000 something at Spring Camp at the University of Illinois. Then I ran into you again in 2002 in Washington DC. It is understandable if you don’t remember me as it was so long ago. I hope that you and your family are doing well.

  4. Is R a chatty little girl now? My niece is still learning to talk. The development is slow and testing the patience.

  5. Yes we all have Junk mail issues. But what brought me to comment on this one is the “anorexic models” I enjoyed your portrayal of these girls/women especially
    when you feel like calling some hotline hahahaha It makes me feel so close to you when you quote Zarina. Then I have my own thoughts about “Who are you”, Such is life.

  6. I’ve done everything sugested to stop VS mailings, they continue. I have made 4 phone calls, had them send to me, papers to fill out and sign. I have even complained on their website. The mailers contunue. Is there anything else that can be done?

    I only have 24 speed on dail-up, & can’t use it. I look forward to your answers.

  7. I know I’m bringing up an old post but, press 0 to go straight to customer service. This is usually the default option for all business phone systems. I found your page through googling how to get off their mailing list.

    1. Thanks, Jonathan. That is helpful for many, I am sure, since people are coming here to figure out how to get rid of VS!

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