The latest Pakistani national anthem

I just got this sad parody of the Pakistani national anthem (video) in my inbox.

Zardari ki zamin shad bad
Bijli aay 8 ghantay baad
Tu nishanay corruption aalishan

Arz e zardaristan, shaad baad … [I censored this bit because it fosters inter-province animosity]

Zardari ki zamin ka nizam
Aaatay, gas, bijli ka bohran
Quam mulk sub-gharak Nawaz, wakil paainda bad
Bainazir dunya say faraar
Parchamay sitara-o-Hilal
Khoon main ranga sara saal

Bhool apna maazi shan-e-haal, jaan ne istaqbal
Saya-e-Amrika sar pe sawaar


Long live (Asif) Zardari’s land
Where power outages last eight hours straight.
Thou art a great symbol of glorious corruption
Land of Zardari live forever

The order of Zardari’s land is such –
perpetual shortages of flour, gas, power.
The nation, country all destroyed – Nawaz (Sharif) live on forever.
Benazir escaped from the world.

The flag of the crescent and the star
coloured red with blood year round.
Forget your past, present, future –

Crushed beneath the shadow of America.

6 thoughts on “The latest Pakistani national anthem”

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  2. I’d totally agree with you on this count: it is rather sad. If this is the extent of our awareness and spirit to change things, we deserve all we get then.

  3. What does crushed beneath the shadow of America mean.

    We date here. We don’t have arranged marriages. IT is unnatural to force two people to live their lives with love.

    THE door swings both ways in America and as long as you are here, you live the way we do.

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